Although most people think that recorded music happens in perfectly controlled studio environments, this is not usually the case with classical recording. Soundmirror specializes in taking the recording process to the music and working to get the most natural sound possible from a wide variety of acoustic spaces. We bring in our own state of the art equipment as well as materials for treating spaces with the goal of creating an optimum natural sound in every venue we encounter. Furthermore, some of our equipment is custom-built as we continue to push the envelope of technology forward. We have achieved outstanding results in concert halls, opera houses, theatres, churches, and cathedrals. And we have also accumulated a long list of recording venue possibilities to recommend around the world (as well as some to avoid).


The editing process is as important as all of the other steps in the recording process. Our producers and engineers have decades of combined experience in this critical area. We are constantly working with work station manufacturers to improve their capabilities and workflow.


The scale and complexity of the music being recorded dictate the number of microphones and tracked needed to capture a musical performance. Video capture also impacts the size and number of microphones used for a project. Our mixing facility is designed to assemble these elements into the final product which compliments the original performance. All of our post-production rooms are equipped with surround sound monitoring and video playback.


Mastering is the final and, arguably, the most important step in the process of making a record. In the mastering stage, many critical things are accomplished: sequencing of tracks, adding appropriate time between songs, and adjusting fades. Most importantly, it is in mastering where the individual mixes of your songs are brought together into a cohesive, finished product. Mastering gives your album the final polish it needs to be ready for commercial release, radio, press, and above all, your listeners. Exceptional and skilled mastering will take your album to the next level, and that is Soundmirror Mastering’s specialty.