Discography: Testimonials & Reviews

“Life and Breath is another in a string of great Kansas City Chorale recordings for Chandos. The Kansas City Chorale is a marvelously responsive choir who communicate all the subtle nuances that makes Clausen’s music so special. They sing with tonal purity, beautiful blend and plenty of character. Chandos’s audio quality is worthy of such fine performances and captures the Chorale with a natural, warm sound.”
Craig Zeichner, Ariama.com

“Once again, the orchestral performances and recording are outstanding.”
Opera News

“the experienced team of James Mallinson (producer), John Newton and Dirk Sobotka (recording engineers) have achieved a spacious sound quality with plenty of front-to-back perspective and great presence.”
Graham Williams, SA-CD.net

“impressively recorded in the sumptuous acoustics of the new Mariinsky Concert Hall”
BBC Music Magazine

“Conductor Carlos Kalmar gets magnificent playing from his soloists and the Oregon Symphony, and Pentatone, via the SoundMirror team, outdoes itself in providing spacious, transparent, powerful sound.”
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile

“PentaTone’s sound is terrific, courtesy of John Newton and Boston’s Soundmirror studio: vivid, highly detailed, and dynamic. Steven Kruger refers to the opening of Sinfonia da Requiem as ‘perhaps the most memorable timpani explosion in all of music’ and PentaTone gives us a sense of a hard mallet hitting a stretched drum skin hard as realistically as I’ve ever heard. The sound of massed strings playing softly, important in all four scores, is gorgeous, subtly textured without any trace of digital steeliness. Especially in surround, front-to-back layering is outstanding.”
Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

“The live recorded sound is exceptionally vibrant…This is a most impressive release, very warmly recommended.”
Nigel Simeone, International Record Review

“Great singing, great recording and simply divine music. This recording is something pretty special. How can you fail to be bewitched by singing like that?”
BBC Radio 3