With over 30 years of experience, our Grammy® award-winning mastering engineers have mastered thousands of records of for internationally renowned artists, bands, and orchestras, giving each album the individual attention, expertise, and the gentle touch it deserves.  


Mastering is the final and, arguably, the most important step in the process of making a record. In the mastering stage, many critical things are accomplished: sequencing of tracks, adding appropriate time between songs, and adjusting fades. Most importantly, it is in mastering where the individual mixes of your songs are brought together into a cohesive, finished product. Mastering gives your album the final polish it needs to be ready for commercial release, radio, press, and above all, your listeners. Exceptional and skilled mastering will take your album to the next level, and that is Soundmirror Mastering’s specialty. We also offer eMastering: eMastering is a way for you to upload your mixes, have us master them, and then we send your finished master back to you, all electronically.


Soundmirror has been among the leaders in immersive sound production and mastering since its inception. With multiple Grammy® nominations specifically for surround sound, we have helped to develop many of the proven techniques for successful surround recording and for achieving new levels of realism and impact. Surround sound immerses the listener in the audio experience and the increase in popularity of home theatre systems and online music distribution now makes this exceptional format accessible to more listeners than ever before.


For decades, Soundmirror has been at the forefront of forensic audio. We have enhanced and authenticated recordings for lawyers and district attorneys (surveillance tapes, telephone recordings, etc), increasing their intelligibility so that useful information could be extracted and discerned. Among our many projects, we have done forensic audio of the JFK assassination tapes, and for many high-profile criminal and civil investigations.


Since the inception of recorded sound, there have been countless formats for capturing audio. Soundmirror’s Chief Mastering Engineer Mark Donahue is an industry-recognized expert in the area of historical preservation of sound recording. Past clients have included the Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, and RCA Living Stereo. Transfer & restoration services available: 78 and LP Transcription Analog Tape Transfer Digital Tape Transfer


Soundmirror has completed many archival stabilization projects for libraries and institutions with large recorded sound collections. We meticulously digitize recorded archives so that they are preserved for future generations. Past clients have included Harvard-Radcliffe Libraries, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra among others.