Steven Ritter of Audiophile Audition gave a very nice review of “The Chants of Mary” by the Men’s Schola of Gloriæ Dei Cantores. Here are some things that were mentioned:

Some of the more monastic recordings on the market today are exceedingly prim and soullessly pious. The men of this Schola bring not only a spiritual sense but also some full-blooded and genuinely religious fervor, as if the Latin words on the paper are pregnant with real meaning and an otherworldly mysticism, not just syllables to accompany dull or routine monody.

The surround sound is excellent, well-balanced and well-filled. This is yet another superb production (full color booklet and wonderful notes) from a source that sets the example time and time again. Do delve into the clear, cool waters of Gregorian chant—and this is a perfect place to start.