We are very excited to work with Maestro Ekaterina Antonenko and the PaTRAM Institute on their Rachmaninoff: All Night Vigil recording in June! From the PaTRAM press release:

PaTRAM Institute™ is proud to announce its newest collaboration with Maestro Ekaterina Antonenko, the renowned choral conductor, Founder and Artistic Director of the Russia-based Intrada Vocal Ensemble. Since its founding in 2006 the Intrada Vocal Ensemble has gained a reputation as “the best Moscow choir today” («Musical life», 2018).

PaTRAM Chairman Alexis V. Lukianov said, “PaTRAM is extremely pleased to partner with Maestro Ekaterina Antonenko, one of the top rising conductor stars in Russia, for our next concert tour and CD recording of Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil in June, 2021. Maestro Antonenko has received countless accolades for her work with Intrada, as the finest choir in Moscow. I am convinced that her creativity, professionalism and drive to be the best will have an outstanding positive impact on this project and the PaTRAM Institute™ Male Choir.”

Ms. Antonenko will be conducting the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir on their upcoming multi-city concert tour and CD recording of Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vigil”, June 2021 in Serbia and Bosnia. The concerts will be presented in the cities of Belgrade, Banjaluka, Novi Sad and Nis. The culmination of the project will be recording sessions overseen by PaTRAM’s long-time production company, Soundmirror, in Nis.

Soundmirror’s multi-Grammy winning producer, Blanton Alspaugh, referred Ms. Antonenko to PaTRAM™ and described her as “extravagantly gifted. She melds a scholar’s grasp of performance practice with an entrepreneur’s flair, all in the service of a fluent and unaffected musicality. She elicits splendid singing and I can’t wait to hear Rachmaninoff with Ekaterina and the PaTRAM Male Choir.”

Ekaterina Antonenko