Profanes et Sacrées
BSO Classics
Hybrid SACD

GRAMMY Nominations: Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance

“The Boston Symphony’s house label, BSO Classics, hasn’t issued many discs (although their library of downloads is growing), and when they do, it’s always an event for all the best reasons. This one is no exception—it includes brilliant, stylish performances of lovely, witty music recorded up close but in a commendably warm acoustic. We have SoundMirror to thank for the sound.”
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile

“The sound reproduction afforded (recorded by Soundmirror) is nothing but the best and each composition shines with demonstration quality sound. This disc has gotten much play in my listening venue and while I find the SACD layer to offer a more pleasurable presentation, the CD layer is a quality product. I await their next release with great anticipation.
Richard S Foster, Hi-Fi+